Dear Hustler, Mother, Father, Entrepreneur...

You are one of 44 million people who performed a gig last year in the US. Gig Mobile is a start-up company based in Downtown Detroit that was founded in September 2018 by rideshare driver Dwain Watkins, who also founded Cellular EMT in 2014, a on demand cell-phone repair company.

“Working in the Gig Economy we play an important role in everyday life, whether it is giving someone a ride to the airport, delivering lunch or fixing someone’s cell-phone. There are millions of us, gig economy workers, around the world using smartphones to connect with customers and helping make their lives easier.

Gig Mobile decided it was time to help our brothers and sisters in the gig economy, and make this important part of our lives easier

We heard complaints from hundreds of drivers about the high costs associated with quality cell-phone service. So we partnered up with major carriers to put together a high quality plan that is affordable, unlimited and works around your schedule with weekly payments. While also supplying you with a reliable smartphone and a repair warranty.

I personally want to hear how we can make Gig Mobile work for you. Please feel free to email me directly at

Thank you for taking the time to learn more about our company. I hope we can help you run your gig business more affordably and efficiently.”


Dwain Watkins Jr. - CEO & Founder